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Buddybirdie Golf Cleaning brush

Buddybirdie Golf Cleaning brush

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1. Buddybirdie Golf Cleaning brush has a large double sided brush head and a retractable groove cleaner, which will definitely help you clean the dirt on the club.
The brush is designed with two bristles for quick and efficient cleaning. best cleaning tools for golf clubs and spikes, Wire bristle for the irons and the nylon bristle for the woods.

2. Buddybirdie Golf Cleaning brush uses an ergonomically designed rubber handle, coupled with a non-slip texture design, which can provide you with additional control and traction, and it is easy to clean the club.

3. And sharp spike with protective cap for the stubborn dirt and grime in grooves, also can be used to clean your golf shoes.

4. Buddybirdie Golf Cleaning brush has a 31.5" long retractable Retractable zip-line with an oversized metal buckle, which is convenient and easy to connect to the golf bag, which is more convenient to access when walking on the court.
easy for reach and use during the play, Lightweight and portable.
Keep your golf clubs in their best condition.

5. We have 100% confidence on our products! Please contact us if you have any question or suggestion.
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